Monday, May 25, 2015

Copic Sketch Marker Storage - Part 2

And then Pinterest strikes again. I saw a custom made bag that a woman designed. My daughter and I sat down to design a bag for me. It was quite a challenge, but we had a great time with the process.

We used 2 fabrics, one for the outside and one for the liner.

We first drew out a pattern by measuring the grid that will be inside to hold the markers.

This project was quite the challenge, but it was fun seeing it come together.  The top has zippers on both sides and velcro across the front flap.

There are also pockets on each end for any extras (right now my color matching shots are there).

Then comes the fun part - putting the grid in and adding the markers!!

We put long handles on the bag to facilitate carrying!

I'm really loving this bag!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Copic Sketch Marker Storage - Part 1

As my collection of Copic Sketch Markers has grown, my storage needs have changed. I started very small, just a bag with a zipper. Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw storage using a fluorescent light fixture insert in the shape of a grid. So I made one for a small Art Bin plastic storage box. Then  I had to move on to a bigger container, a square 31 bag.

Then, I moved up to a 17 litre Really Useful Box. The light grids are held together using carriage bolts, washers and lock nuts.


The bottom corners were a bit of a challenge as they curve in slightly. We cut out the corner pieces to make it fit.

Then I put the markers in. 

I wanted the box to be a bit more decorative, so I added patterned paper to the sides and top.

Please see part 2 of the post for the final project!!