Monday, May 11, 2015

Copic Sketch Marker Storage - Part 1

As my collection of Copic Sketch Markers has grown, my storage needs have changed. I started very small, just a bag with a zipper. Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw storage using a fluorescent light fixture insert in the shape of a grid. So I made one for a small Art Bin plastic storage box. Then  I had to move on to a bigger container, a square 31 bag.

Then, I moved up to a 17 litre Really Useful Box. The light grids are held together using carriage bolts, washers and lock nuts.


The bottom corners were a bit of a challenge as they curve in slightly. We cut out the corner pieces to make it fit.

Then I put the markers in. 

I wanted the box to be a bit more decorative, so I added patterned paper to the sides and top.

Please see part 2 of the post for the final project!!

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