Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Copic Box

I have been looking for a new "home" for my copic markers.  My 31 bag was good for a while, but it was too deep and the bottom of the make-shift filler was allowing the bottom to sag, thus making access to some of the markers quite difficult.

I looked all over for a decorative box that wasn't too deep, had a secure lid, had handles for easy moving, etc.  I also wanted it to be big enough that this could be my last box. I was not so successful at finding one that fit all my needs.  As I was wandering through Staples one day, I noticed a plastic box that seemed to fit all my needs!  It is made by the Really Useful Box company (made in the USA as a bonus), 17 ltr size.

 I emptied out my old box to get to the pieces parts for the new grid.  I was feeling really lazy and didn't want to put all the markers in one big pile to sort out later.  I put a bunch of plastic cups hiding in the closet to use.

Then we got the florescent light grid (the old fashioned kind) from Home Depot and took the carriage bolts, washers and lock nuts from the old grid.  We measure the grid to fit in the new box.

Because I wanted something more decorative than clear plastic, I decided to try and decorate my own.  I took Designer Paper from Stampin' Up from the Quatrafancy design.  I cut pieces to fit the sides, ends and part of the top.  I would like to find a way to cover all the sides and top.

Time to put both the grid and the markers back in!

I took the whole box with me yesterday to a crop. All the markers stayed in place, even when I turned the box sideways for transport.  It also has room to grow so that in the event I ever get all the Sketch Markers, there is room for them!

Sometimes function beats pretty!


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